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morebanana's podcast

Dec 30, 2018

Let’s Get Civical is the podcast that introduces you to basic topics of American politics and government, but in a fun, accessible way! Cause no one wants to be lectured to.

The Hosts
Lizzie Stewart is a rising NYC based stand-up comedian who performs regularly all over the city.
Arden Walentowski is a former Senate and Campaign staffer.

This podcast seeks to educate listeners in the states and abroad on American and global politics and processes so that they can better understand the news.


Picture it: you’re out with your friends grabbing a drink after a long day of work. Everything is fun. There’s laughter and merriment, and then the talk turns to the latest legislative debate on Capitol Hill. How many Senators do the Democrats need to stop the Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act? Will the Democrats be able to rally Republican Senators to vote with them to stop Kavanagh’s appointment to the Supreme Court or will the Republicans vote as a block? You feel the energy in the room start to shift. You want so desperately to understand all the political news and to be able to do something about the daily news alerts inundating your phone but understanding government policies and structure feels nearly impossible at this point.


What if there was a fun and accessible way to learn how your government worked so the next time you want to have friends over to watch the 2020 Presidential debates, you’ll be hella prepared?

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